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About Memory Locket (Charms & Lockets)

1. What is a Memory Locket?

  • ZtyleCo Memory Locket is a stainless steel glass see-through locket that is used to fill up with different floating charms. With a Memory Locket, it can simply share a story about you. The locket can be open by the side and everything in the locket such as floating charms and stamping plates are movable.

2. What is the material of your Memory Locket?

  • All of ZtyleCo Memory Lockets are made of stainless steel.
  • Stainless steel lockets will not rust. Many of our products are made of stainless steel, alloy zinc plated gold or silver. The floating and dangling charms are made of alloy zinc.

3. What can I do with this Memory Locket?

  • ZtyleCo Memory Lockets are suitable for any occasion. We customized for any specials events as a gift like "Mother's Day", "Sisters", "Bridesmaids", "Graduation", "Birthday", "Anniversary" or even as a "Corporate Gifts".
  • You can have this Memory Locket made into a necklace, key-chain or even a bracelet. Bracelet comes in default with 2 side pins whereas the others comes in 1 Pin. 1 Pin Locket you would be able to interchange from necklace to key-chain or even dust-plug as you wish.

    4. What is stamping plate and how can I customize it?

    • All of our stamping plate are made of stainless steel. 
    • What do we mean by stamping? Each letters are hand stamped/hammered by ourselves. Thus, each and every stamping plate are unique. There might not be even spacing, depth of impressions or even the alignment of letters.You should not compare this against computer/laser engraving. These are not considered as defects and of course we will try out best to stamp out the best possible letters/spacing/depth of impressions to you.
    • Stamping plate can be polished shine if you have a polishing cloth/pad. By default, all gold lockets order will be give a small square polish pad.
    • Different sizes of plate has different number of letters that we can fit in.
    • Automatically, we will be using 3mm font size stamping tools for 22mm & 19mm stamping plate for names. As for 16mm and smaller stamping plate, we will be using the 1.5mm font size stamping tools.** Please take note ** Any other request please state it to us. 


    5. Are the stamping plates and floating charms changeable?

    • Yes. We will always update our new collections of Floating Charms quarterly, so you can keep changing. Isn't it special? You would be able to see an opening at the side of the Memory Locket. All our Memory Locket has strong magnetic opening and closing, do not worry that the floating charms will drop off. 

    6. Do I have to order a set of Locket every time?

    • No, you do not have to. We sell by set and individual items. Of course, buying with a set comes in cheaper than buying individually. 
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