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You'll be in my Heart (Individual or Paired Necklaces)

You'll be in my Heart (Individual or Paired Necklaces)

  • Get 1 (one) Pair of  "You'll be in my Heart" Pendant Necklace for this set!
    • This necklace set comes in a pair, the hollow heart necklace and the tiny heart necklace within it. [It's a deal!]
  • OR Get 1 Heart or 1 Hollow Heart Pendant Necklace of your choice - 1 Necklace Only.
  • Material of Heart Pendant & Chain :  Stainless Steel Colour (Silver) 
  • Exclusive Design by : Jemma Wei ( 
  • Manufactured by ZTYLECO.
  • Size of Hollow Heart Pendant: 22mm Wide x 2mm Thick in Stainless Steel Colour (Silver)
  • Size of Tiny Heart: 13mm in Stainless Steel Colour (Silver) and 18k Rose Gold Plated
  • Type of Stainless Steel Chain : 40cm + 5cm extension necklace chain in Rose Gold or Silver
    • By default : Hollow Heart Pendant with Stainless Steel Colour (Silver) Chain
    • By default : 18k Rose Gold Plated Tiny Heart Pendant with 18K Rose Gold Plated Chain
  • Handstamp Criteria:  (Standard Font 1.5mm size as per Photo by default)
      • Round the Plate : Up to Maximum 16 Upper Case Letter/Number
      • Tiny Heart : Up to 3 Upper Case Letter/Number
  • Current symbol(s) available : 2mm Size  (Tiny Heart)
  • Space is counted as 1 character space
  • Tiny Heart as 1 character space
    • Comes with Giftbox & Default "You'll be in my Heart" Display Card.



      Please Copy and Paste (AMEND) the following required customization details into the customization box shown above :

        • To Handstamp Round Pendant Up to 16 Characters : SARANGHAEYO
        • To Handstamp Heart Pendant Up to 3 Characters : MOM 
          • Stainless Steel (Silver / 18k Gold / 18k Rose Gold Plated)
            • Factors that affect the life of your Jewelry
              • To ensure the long life of your rose gold jewelry, remember the following. First, try not to wear the piece when you are sleeping or exercising. Sweating and rubbing the jewelry on skin can wear away at the finish. Certain medications also affect the life of the piece, due to changes in the wearer's pH balance. Do not wear rose gold while swimming, or in the shower. Water, soap, and chemicals can tarnish the jewelry and residue can build up on the piece. This causes it to look dingy and dull. Another way to prolong the life of jewelry is to remove the piece when doing rough, or work with abrasive materials. This helps to avoid scratches, wear, and tear.

            • Storing your Rose Gold Jewelry
              • Another important way to care for rose gold jewelry is to store it properly. To prolong the life of the piece, you should store it in our ZtyleCo Velvet Bag when you are not wearing it. This helps prevent exposure to chemicals and airborne materials that could affect its appearance.
              • Another key to storing rose gold jewelry properly is to store it only with other rose gold pieces. When storing jewelry of different metals together, the metals can rub against each other and cause the piece to tarnish. Moreover, be sure not to store the jewelry in direct sunlight, even if the jewelry is in a case. It is also important to keep the jewelry, even when in a case, away from moisture rich areas. Moisture can tarnish the jewelry.

            Every jewelleries are precious and it can last as long as we want it to be if we handle and treat them with care!  Best is to avoid perfumes, lotions and keep all jewelleries in box to maintain a longer lifespan.

             For Hand stamp Jewelry Products :

            • Each letters are hand-stamped/hammered by ourselves. Uneven spacing, depth of impressions or even the alignment of letters are not considered as defects and of course we will try out best to stamp out the best possible letters/spacing/depth of impressions to you.You should not compare this against computer/laser engraving.
            • All of our products are individually hot-stamped / hand-stamped which do not have 100% perfect alignment or depth of impression. If you are a perfectionist, we apologize that our products may not be suitable for you.
            • Stamping will take at least 3 - 5 working days.

            For Chace Leather Products:

            • Name / Initials are hot-stamped by hand, thus avoid comparing with machine foil stamping. Kindly understand that each leather item may not be 100% perfect due to the nature of grainy leather. Each product receive will be unique of its own. There might be slight variation in the alignment of letters or depth of impressions which are not considered as defects and of course we will try out best to stamp out the best possible letter, depth of impressions to you. 
            • All of our products are individually hot-stamped / hand-stamped which do not have 100% perfect alignment or depth of impression. If you are a perfectionist, we apologize that our products may not be suitable for you.
            • Stamping will take at least 3 - 5 working days.

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